Adidas Anthem Film

Adidas Athletics Global Launch // Creative Direction

Adidas Anthem Film

Creative Direction for the launch of Adidas Athletics 2016.

Working directly with Adidas HQ, my partner Andrea Gustafson and I launched the new line of Adidas Athletics with our creative concept: "Find Focus." Our insight into this concept was that top level athletes are not only physically strong, but mentally strong. The campaign included a 360 creative platform which we were responsible for: Creative concepting, 2 films for each A-list athlete, setting the design and photographic direction for the global markets, and social creative direction.

Adidas Athletics: Gareth Bale

We follow each athlete closely on game day on how they mentally prepare and how they focus, whether it be with friends, secret rituals or mantras, the viewer can glimpse the personal pre-game moment.

Adidas Iconic Conversation / Gareth Bale

With the iconic conversation films, we are taking a deep dive into the Athlete's mind. What they do what they say to prepare themselves mentally before a game. These films are found in the interactive homepage of, where the viewer has the option to engage with the athlete.

Adidas Athletics: James Harden

Adidas Iconic Conversation: James Harden

Adidas Athletics: Coco

Adidas Iconic Conversation: Xu Shilin / Coco

Adidas Athletics: Ana

Adidas Iconic Conversation: Ana

Adidas Athletics: Tori Bowie

Adidas Iconic Conversation: Tori Bowie